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On July 30, 2021, The Ballet celebrated its 46th anniversary with a gala performance at the Angela Peralta Theater (where seating was limited).  This was also a special tribute to Gabriela Rodriguez Chagoyaán,  who was the director of the Ballet during 27years and died in December 2020.

Amigos del Ballet Folklórico de SMA were informed early of the performance and were able to make a reservation to attend free of charge.

Everyone who saw the show was impressed by the variety of the dances, the richness of the costumes, and the quality of the dancing.


2022 was a year of recovery and successes for the Ballet! Back to regular rehearsals, several performances, new dances added to the repertory (which now includes more than 40 dances) and new recruits joining the company.

Some of this year’s highlights:

- "Color en Movimiento”  Casa Europa, March 4th (sold out performance)}

- 47th Anniversary Celebration, Teatro Angela Peralta, August 5th

- FASMA (Festival of the arts, San Miguel de Allende) closing event, performance in front of the Parroquia, August 21st

- “Dia de los Muertos” special show, Casa Europa, October 31st (2 performances sold out)

Besides these events, the Ballet accepted invitations to perform at other locations and neighborhoods around San Miguel.

On December 17th. the dancers and their families gathered at the Sindicato to celebrate some of Christmas traditions, and many of the proud students received “certificates” for their attendance and progress.

Thanks to your donations, we have been able to help purchase some of the costumes for new dances, including boots which are expensive for some families.  We have paid for the lighting, videos, set decorations for each show, posters and tickets, and given some compensation to the teachers for their work. We also paid transportation cost to bring dancers from another community as well as to bring Maestra Yolanda Silva for several Saturdays from Mexico City to do special workshops.

About us

“Amigos del Ballet Folklórico de San Miguel de Allende” has been created at the initiative of its admirers and fans with the goal of helping the 46-year old Ballet gain greater exposure and recognition, while allowing it to continue to grow and providing it with much-needed financial help.

Thank you for becoming a friend of the Ballet!

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Help the families with some of the costumes and shoes expenses.

Invite guest choreographers and teachers to bring their knowledge and expertise to allow the Ballet to grow.....

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